A self taught wood sculptor, Ed has been carving wood for over twenty years. Inspired by the past, he sees beauty in what was once ordinary, but is now lost. His subjects of choice are those people who may have been either overlooked or thought of as outsiders. From the milkman, to the girl who sold him his cigarettes, these unheralded folks helped create the fabric of America, and deserve their due recognition.

Each figure is sculpted from wood, for its inherent warmth, and connection to the past, celebrating how things were once made with quality and integrity. It is simple, uncomplicated, wood and tools, operated by human hands. Finally, a multi layered paint process finishes Ed’s work. Layers of paint are built up and broken down creating a patina, reflective of passing time.

In creating work this way, Ed hopes to make art that is relatable, accessible, and even makes people smile. Sometimes serious, sometimes downright goofy, everything is worth taking another look.